Stunning home with new floor

“I’m really proud of this project” says Jose Luis Contreras, owner of All About Wood Flooring Inc. “The guys made sure that every corner was perfect. The stain began well and ended perfectly. The owner was very happy with this new Armstrong floor.”

New upcoming flooring company was exactly what we needed

We picked up a new supplier and were skeptical at first, but after we were very happy with the wood floor played well with the carpet. Since it was a new flooring company we used only small amounts before we commit. But after this project we will definitely be using this manufacturer in projects to come.

Fun with commercial

This dance floor represents one of our most exciting projects to date. We had a blast coming up with design ideas along with the architect and the studio owner. The end result is an awesome creative space that blends well into the delightful d├ęcor. We are very happy with DuChateau’s commercial line.

Home, a place to relax

When this client came to us looking for hardwood, he mentioned to his that his home did not feel like home. We searched for hours on end looking for a product that would resonate with him and cause him to relax. And finally we found it. Urban Floor has the exact texture and style he was looking for and the stain, picked by none other than the master of color Jose Luis Contreras.